• Assam and Oil
  • Assam was the starting point from where the oil industry in India took its wings.
  • The Govt. of Assam in the Oil Sector
  • With so much of oil and gas reserves in the State, it is expected that the people through the Government exploit these resources.
  • Economic Overview
  • According to recent analyses, in 2001-02, Assam's economy grew (at 1993-94 constant prices) at 4.5 percent, and 3.4 percent in the next financial year.
Assam Hydrocarbon & Energy Company Limited

Assam Hydrocarbon and Energy Company Limited was incorporated on 5th September 2006 under the Companies Act 1956, by Govt. of Assam primarily with the objectives of exploration of hydrocarbons and other sources of energy. With an authorised capital of Rupees One Hundred Crores, the company is categorised as a "Public Company Limited by Shares".

The company is engaged in the business of producing of hydrocarbons and also to generate, harness, develop, purchase, accumulate, distribute and supply electricity by setting up hydro and thermal power plants using liquids gaseous or solid fuels like water, gas, air, naphtha, coal, diesel oil and other petroleum products or through renewal energy sources such as solar windmill or through any other means and to supply such power either directly or through transmission lines either owned or hired.

It also actively associate of research and development for generation, distribution and marketing of other sources of energy, including but not limited to solar, nuclear, wind renewable & non-conventional, coal gasification , bio diesel , ethanol, hydrogen and other bio-technical sources, on a commercial basis.


02-07-2018 Interview Result held for the post of Consultant Geologist held on 08.06.2018
21-06-2018 Extension of Submission Date for Notice Inviting EOI upto 2nd July, 2018
06-06-2018 Notice Inviting Expression of Interest (EOI)
06-06-2018 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
06-06-2018 Cost and Revenue Sharing

The present Board of Directors are:

Shri Punakan Barua
: Chairman and Director
Shri Shivji Dubey
: Vice-Chairman and Director
Shri G.S. Panesar , ACS
: Managing Director
Joint. Secy. to Govt. of Assam
Mines & Minerals Department.
Shri Samir Kr Sinha, IAS
: Director
Principal Secretary to Govt. of Assam,
Finance Deptt. Govt. of Assam.
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AHECL - the step forward:

Since in its incorporation on 5th September 2006 under the Companies Act 1956, Assam Hydrocarbon & Energy Company Limited has already taken significant steps forward in its role as a new oil & gas exploration and production company.It has also ventured in alternative source of energy like solar, CNG and other renewable energy. Today, it is poised to take on the challenge of the sector to the best of its capabilities.